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Welcome to DGSG

Welcome to the beginning of new scholastic year 2019-20
  • Academics

    The D.G.S.G. Public School is affiliated to CBSE Board which was established in 2013.

  • Career

    interested candidates can email their resume to info@dgsgpublicschool.com or send their CVs to : careers@dgsgpublicschool.com.

  • Achievements

    Highly qualified staff, 100 percent Board results, 45 students passed with 90%, good infrastructure.

  • Achievers

    Our top 45 students (Our Shining Stars) achieve 90% in Board Exams.


On 30th October,2020 , a buddy programme had been organized in our school as per guidelines/ recommendations of the government under DAPO system. In this programme, the students of grade IX and X participated which was held under the supervision of NODAL Officer and a senior buddy. Primarily , this was begun with the introduction of DAPO system and a buddy programme by eminent NODAL Officer . Moving further, various competitions such as Slogan writing and essay writing on Drug Addiction were held. Besides this, some students delivered speeches on Drug Addiction to tell its detrimental effects as well as they also discussed how to save our posterity from this deadly evil. Undoubtedly, this programme was a great success as it left a sublime effect on the student’s minds who pledged to keep themselves away from the drug addiction

Rakhi Making and Celebration Competition

Due to COVID-19, DGSG Public School hosted online Rakhi making and Celebration Competition for the school students. Students participated whole heartedly and showed their talent by preparing attractive and beautiful Rakhi’s. The motive behind this celebration was to teach the students about the great bonding of love and care between brother and sister. As schools are closed at the time ,but still students enjoyed a lot on this occasion. Also Principal Sanjana Narang appreciated the efforts by the students. Students will get the Award of honour on the celebration of Children’s Day.

Report on Women’s Day Celebration

“A charming woman does not follow the crowd. She is herself”.
This is what the DGSG Public School expressed lovingly to their teachers as Women’s Day was celebrated with great “pump and show.” Many activities were also organized for their amusement and entertainment. The Principal Mrs. Santosh Narang appreciated the teachers for their efforts and abilities. She inspired them by giving the lecture on “Role of women in society and in entire fields.” It was an important occasion for the school to acknowledge on the reflection on ourselves and what more needs to be done in the fields of gender equality.
“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”

Parenting Awareness Session (2020-21)

DGSG Public School organised Awarness session 2020-21 for parents. DGSG aims to create awareness among the parents about the process of child rearing and problems related to the students life. President S. Gurbachan Singh Grewal acknowledged the parents about the different levels of student’s intelligence. Manager Mrs. Harjit Kaur and the principal of Teja Singh Sutantar Memorial Senior Secondary school discussed the bad and good impact of technology on students. Mrs. Harpreet Kaur, Head Mistress of Primary Section (DGSG) accounts the behaviour of parents towards their children. Principal Mrs. Sanjana Narang laid emphasis on role of parents in the upbringing of their ward and she familliared parents with necessary information and instructions, she also thanked the parents who become a part of this session from their busy schedule. Almost parent attended parenting Awareness session.

Basant Panchmi Celebration

DGSG Public School celebrated the festival of “Basant Panchmi” on 29th jan,2020.The little kids of school were beautifully dressed in yellow. Students also made kites of different colours. Special assembly on ‘Basant Pachmi’ was organized in the school. Students also brought yellow sweet dishes in their lunch. All the students got collected in the school ground and celebrated this festival. Principal and teachers also joined students to share their happiness and joy. Overall it was a fantastic day for students. Students were also told about the importance of this festival , that this festival is the beginning of spring season and harvesting season of country.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the season of joy and gift giving. The Christmas celebrations took place in the DGSG Campus on 24th December, 2019. The school was beautifully decorated. Students were dressed up as Santa Claus. They sang melodious carols and wish their teachers and classmates. The importance of the festival was explained to the students by the teachers. The enjoyment and delightness was visible on the faces of the students.

School Exhibition

An exhibition was held in DGSG Public School, wherein the students showcased the static and working models which can be used for learning various Punjabi culture, scientific and environmental concepts. The objective was to inculcate in them the technical attitude and research mindedness. The students explained the various models efficiently to the parents. The President of the school ‘S. Gurbachan Singh Grewal’ was also present to boost up the confidence of the students and appreciated them for their efforts.

Patience is Sincerity

In the long journey of life both prosperity and adversities go side by side. Adversities checks many trait of a person specially our patience. In time of adversities, we feel impatience. We are unable to understand what to do. Sometimes, we take many steps without thinking anything about that we later on face many problems just because of that particular decision .So, it is wise to have patience during adversities time. Patience is necessary aspect of a gentleman. Using this trait, one can face problems of all kind. Patience makes us perfect in our decision making .It is true “Hasty decisions are always wrong”. So have some patience in any situation of life. Parents should also inculcate this value in their wards.

Intelligence and Confidence is the Ultimate Swagger

Intelligence and confidence are necessary ingredients to make the personality of a person a perfect one. These both inflicts of personality are directly interlinked to each other. Intelligence always brings confidence. If you are intelligent enough, your confidence will be sky high. Confidence enables us to address the audience with our thoughts. A person equipped with intelligence and confidence can achieve desired goals and targets. So, it is mandatory to have these two valuable instincts. A person having these two, shines like a pole star. He gets appreciation everywhere. His desires and wishes come true very easily. So, students try to keep intelligence and confidence as the permanent instinct in their personality.


We celebrated fit India week in DGSG Public school. Its main aim was to aware the students about how to be healthy and fit in their lives by doing different physical activities. Students participated in Yoga, PT, dance, sports and many more activities. They learn how they can live their lives in healthy way. Students as well as teachers participated in some activities .This movement was organized to motivate and aware the students to be fit.


Hindi Olympiad organized by Hindi vikas Manch on 14th Aug ,2019 and students of DGSG Public School had participated in this Olympiad.14 students were participated and we got three gold Medal and 1 Silver medal. This is the achievement of our students who make our school more proud.