DGSG Public school had organized a 10 days Summer Camp from June 11 to June 20. The students explored and expertised the intellectual and Co- curricular activities like spoken English, Mind boosting games , Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Computer and Calligraphy. Students participated with passion and whole heartedly. At last day, there was a pool party and refreshment for the students. They enjoyed a lot. School Principal Mrs. Neha Dhall was also present at the moment. She said,”With such activities the Output and inner confidence can be enhanced. DGSG PUBLIC SCHOOL is hoping to organize these camps and activities in the coming time too.

1st Day of Summer Camp

Summer camp is being conducted in D.G.S.G Public School for students of class I to VIII. There are lots of activities as follow

• Spoken English   • Games   • Mind Boosting Games   • Dance   • Music   • Calligraphy   • Basic Computer   • Art & Craft

The main objective of this camp is to engage the activities that they find both enjoyful and meaningful. It will inculcate skills among students. It is a platform for the students to explore and express their creativity. On First day, Students enjoyed Art & Craft work like Stone painting , Leaf painting and Thumb painting. They also enjoyed in Music and dance classes. This summer camp is a better opportunity for all the students to learn new creative things.

2nd Day of Summer Camp

3rd Day of Summer Camp

4th Day of Summer Camp

5th Day of Summer Camp

As the fifth day has completed,changes have been seen in the developmental and interpersonal skills .Now, the students in summer camp are more awared about the physique and fitness ,understanding the colours schemes, responding more to logical and analogical questions, enchanced communicating abilities , loving the taste of music and dance.

6th Day of Summer Camp

7th Day of Summer Camp

The most imperative thing behind organizing the summer camp in DGSG School is the overall development of the students who came to boost up their confidence and learning beyond the planned curriculum.

8th Day of Summer Camp

The students were tested on the basis of the abilities they inculcated from the first day of summer camp till today. Various techniques were used like picture composition in English, Tool Bar in Computer, types of spinning in athletics, cursive writing, folk dance, paper cutting in art and craft.

Last Day of Summer Camp

Today is our last day of summer camp which is a supervised program for childrenconducted during the summer month. Students participated with huge passion and learned and expertise the skies of art, music, dance, writing, athletics, English language and also had computer and cognitive knowledge. Students explored the extra potentialities in them and Teachers /Trainers helped them in grasping the more outputs from them. A pool party was organized for the students so that they can enjoy with their school mates .A refreshment was also provided to them.