Moral Value

Moral Value

"Value Self Respect".

Today’s Topic on Moral Value is “Value Self Respect”. Self respect is a kind of ritual which helps us to remember who and what we are. It is a sense of ones worth. It gives a person the ability to Discriminate, to love and to remain indifferent when one is faced with failures without self respect, one is locked within one self and is incapable either love or indifference. Students should ask to have self respect in his character but they should not mix arrogance with self respect.

"Respect the rights of others"

Today’s Topic on Moral Value is “Respect the rights of others”. Following the constitution of Republic India, we Indians are enjoying the basic rights of life, given in our constitution. The very first duty of an individual is to due respect to the rights of others. Students should know that we all have equal rights. They should not do silly things that hurt the rights of other person anyhow. Respect for other’s rights is demanded if we want to enjoy our rights freely.


Today’s topic on Moral value is “JUSTICE FOR ALL”. We all are the creation of same God. Our mental, physical and spiritual structures are very much same. So, any kind of discrimination on the basis of color, caste and religion is injustice because these are man made customs. Students should know that our constitution also demands equality of all terms. Parents should also try to inculcate this important value in their wards.

"Satisfaction is the real wealth"

Today’s Topic on Moral Value is “Satisfaction is real wealth”. Inner satisfaction is the at most richness .Students should concern with their work and gain the precious valuable experience of education .So, Parents should also inculcate this moral value in their wards.

"Love for peace and harmony"

Today’s topic on Moral value is “Love for peace and harmony”. Peace and harmony in students life bring stability and development .It also leads to the inner creativity. If students are peacefully thoughtful and have the harmony in them, then they can easily harness the more effective productivity intellectually. Both peace and harmony are essential to inculcate other moral values among students. Peace of mind always results in fruitful way. Students can easily meets both ends together following the path of peace and harmony .So, Parents should also inculcate this value in their wards.

"Always Speak the truth"

Today’s Topic on Moral Value is “Always Speak the truth”. Truth is the imperative moral value that should be inculcated in the students by their teachers and parents. When students speak truth, an honesty factor is inbuilt in them that help to succeed academically and cognitively. So, Parents should also encourage their wards to be honest in each and every situation.

"Spirit of brotherhood"

Today’s topic on Moral value is “Spirit of brotherhood”. Brotherhood is the feeling to form association between your peers and classmates who share a common aim in the school. It helps in regulating the discipline in school and peace globally. With this spirit one can provide help to each other in case of complexity of curriculum. As our Indian Constitution says, “The state shall not discriminate any citizen on the basis of religion, race, caste, gender or place of birth”. So, same is also demanded from the students of our campus. Parents should also encourage their wards to inbuilt in them the spirit of brotherhood.


Today’s topic on Moral Value is “Well mannered in words and actions”.THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. This proverb should be kept in mind before saying anything or doing any kind of actions. Because life is continuous process. So, time once lost can’t be recalled. There is no replay in life. So, think twice before saying even a single word. Your well planned actions cast a great effect on others, with this your personality also enhance. Your wording, how you pronounce, politeness of words all count for your personality. So, Parents should guide their wards for the same, so that they must have a great personality in future

"Respect and loyal toward parents"

Parents are the best gift given by God. Life seems incomplete without parents. Perfection in life can be achieved only with the help of parents. If we say that parents are equal to God, it will not be wrong. But nowadays the value of parents is lowering. We are not giving as much respect as they deserve. By doing this, we are not only doing injustice to them but also we are hurting to the Almighty. Being loyal and worthy towards parents should be our prior duty. Respect the parents should be the basic religion of every human. By doing this, we can please the Almighty God and get his blessings.

"Admitting one’s mistake"

Today’s topic on Moral value is “Admitting one’s mistake”. Confucius said, “If you make a mistake and do not correct it that is called a mistake.”A mistake is done not intentionally, it occur naturally. However by doing mistake, student should admit it to their parents or guardians, so that they aware in the future times. Students have courage to admit their mistakes in front of everyone. For this parents should have a friendly relation with their wards.

"Money is External"

Today’s topic on Moral value is “Money is External”. World is becoming so materialistic that value and virtue are disappearing from the world. All the people have become money minded. Short cuts are used to earn money. But money is not everything. Life comforts can be bought with money, but spiritual happiness is not possible with money. For spiritual peace we have to be satisfied with what we have .Students have to give up the blind race for earning money. They should also give respect to the values of life. Life is not to have all materialistic things. Money can’t buy happiness of soul as Money is External. So, Parents should encourage their ward to spare some time for spiritual works.