Since the number of students in each class is limited admission will be strictly based on merit.

Before seeking admission for your ward in the school the prospectus cum form is available in the school office.

A student coming from other institution will have to appear in the pre –admission test and will be placed the standard to his/her attainments as assessed by the Principal.

Students who have been disqualified by any board will not be given admission.

No student will be admitted in case of indiscipline.

Failures will not be admitted.

In case the students get his name struck off or his/ her admission is cancelled, fee or fund will not be refunded.

Payment of School Fees

Fees must be paid till 12th of every month, late fee will be charged up to 20th of that month. After 20th of that month name will be struck off the rolls.

Timing of accepting Fee

Monday to Saturday : 7:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m (In Summer) & 8:30 a.m to 2:00 p.m (In Winter)

Visiting Hours :

The principal receives visitors on all working days between 10:30 to 12:30.

Parents are advised to meet the teachers only on parents teacher meeting, they are urged not to disturb the teachers during class hours. If there is emergency than please contact after school hours.

Regarding Leave

For availing leave, students have to observe the following instructions.

Application must be signed by Parents/ Guardians.

In case, any student falls ill in school time, an information will be given to the parents & will be the duty of parents to take child home. However, in case of emergency the school can make arrangements to send the student to doctor or at home.

Medical certificate is necessary to be produced by the students coming to school after the leave of a week or more days.

Necessary Instructions Regarding Admission

In case of the late result, information can be held from the institution.

Admission form, duly signed by parents must be submitted within prescribed date.

Information regarding admission fee will be given at the time of submission of admission form.

It will be necessary for the parents in school when called for meeting and obtaining signatures on report card.

Final decision regarding admission will rest with the Principal.

It will be presumed that the applicant and his parents fully known all the rules and regulations of the school.

It is essential for the students to lock their cycles and place the same at the proper fixed place students whose cycles are found unlocked will be fined.


All children are encouraged to wear the school uniform. By wearing the recommended school uniform all children can take pride in being a member of DGSG. It also gives them a strong feeling of identity.

School uniform consists of – In Summer: Class 1st to 5th Green check shirt for boys.

Divider And check shirt for girls.

In winter: Jackets Green Blazer VI onward And for activities : House dresses according to the houses.